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Sri Narayani Peedam - SaranathanThirumalaikodi or Malaikodi is a small village outside Vellore in Tamil Nadu, South India. It is surrounded by mountains and lush, scenic beauty. In Thirumalaikodi, several centuries ago, the Saints and Sages (Devas and Siddhas) performed intense penance for many years to the Universal Mother (The ParaSakthi)! They prayed for Amma to descend on the Earth to protect the entire creation from the afflictions of the Dark Age (Kaliyuga).

Sri Narayani Peedam - SaranathanThe selfless Prayers of the Devas and Siddhas reached the Universal Mother and due to Amma's immense love for the world, Amma consented to incarnate in Human Form on the earth to answer the yearning call of mankind. Amma chose the same auspicious and sacred land of Thirumalikodi to incarnate in Human Form and where Amma continues to live today. The divine Mother incarnated on the earth in the form of our beloved Arul Sakthi Amma also known as Sri Narayani Amma, the Sakthi form of the Holy Trinity of Goddess Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswathi. Only the great merits of the good deeds of several births and the immense grace of Amma can lead a person to this Holy place. Visiting the Divya Kshethram (Holy Place) of Thirumalaikodi and taking the Darshan (Blessing) of Goddess Narayani and receiving a loving glance is truly the Ultimate blessing of Life. Devotees come from many parts of the world to take this precious opportunity to surrender and take refuge at the Lotus Feet of our Beloved Amma.

Swayambhu Temple

narayani amma

In 1992, our beloved Arul Sakthi Amma predicted that a “Swayambhu” (a religious symbol that appears on it’s own accord) would manifest itself at Malaikodi. To prove Amma's "Sathya Vaakku ", (Divine words of Truth), a great miracle took place on the 11th September 1992. On that beautiful evening around 6:00pm, there was a special gathering of very blessed devotees at Malaikodi. In the divine presence of our Beloved Amma, Mother Earth gave way, and there emerged a beautiful "Swayambhu". Blessed were all those who witnessed this Spectacular Divine Event and blessed indeed, is the entire creation! Several weeks after the appearance of the Swayambhu, a "putthu" (anthill) began to emerge behind the Swayambhu. The Swayambhu temple was constructed around the Swayambhu and the anthill, and was consecrated on January 9th, 2000. Seated at the Gopuram (tower) of the Swayambhu Temple are the idols of the 18 Siddhas who had done great penance to the Divine Mother. Today, we can see the huge anthill, inside this Swayambhu Temple. The Divine mother is in the form of a snake blessing her children with good health. She protects her devotees from diseases and bestows the boon of children to women who do not have children. "Santhana Lakshmi " (Goddess of Children) is also installed inside the Swayambhu Temple, just behind the anthill. An Akhanda Deepam (Eternal Lamp) is always burning bright in this Sannidhi (shrine), showing light to all the spiritual aspirants. Going around inside the Swayambhu Temple bestows the devotees with the grace of the Divine Mother and the 18 Siddhas. Amma’s “Arul Vakku” (Divine Prophecy) is that grievances of people would be reduced if they worshipped the Goddess after pouring ghee in the “Akhandha Deepam” located in the Swayambhu Temple and walked around the Swayambhu nine times with prayer in their hearts.

Sri Narayani Temple

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A unique and magnificent, artistically designed and beautifully hand painted temple has been built for Goddess Narayani, the first of its kind ever. This has been constructed over a period of four years and stands majestically at Thirumalaikodi. The temple tower (Vimanam) is built with artistic finesse in the octagonal (Ettuppattai) shape standing up to 63 feet high. Several weeks before the consecration there were special pujas & yagams being conducted and the chanting of the name of Goddess Narayani - one billion (Crore) times by 750 priests (Sivacharyas). The temple consecration (Maha Kumbabhishekam) was performed by Sri Narayani Amma on 29th, January 2001. Over 35,000 people came from many of the villages around and foreigners from many parts of the world to witness this special event. A stone idol (Vigraham) of the Goddess Narayani was installed the night before the consecration, in the temple chamber under the tower. Today, hundreds of devotees come from near and far to this temple for worship. A Temple is the Divine Abode of God. Goddess Narayani is the combined form of all the three Maha Sakthis - Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswathi. Goddess Narayani is the Supreme Devi, the cause of all causes, who is pervading as the Universal Force of Consciousness in all beings. Goddess Narayani is omnipresent. Goddess Narayani is Janani, the Mother of all that is witnessed as the Entire Universe, the Goddess who is not under the influence of Time. Goddess Narayani is the Manifested and the Unmanifested, known as the Adhi Sakthi, Maha Sakthi and ParaSakthi!

Shanthi Mandapam

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The Shanthi Mandapam (Hall of Peace) is the centre of the Peedam. Devotees witness Pujas for approximately 4 hours consisting of Abhishekam, Alankaram and Deepa Aradhana. After the pujas they receive Theertam (Holy Water) and Ashirwadam (Blessings) from Amma. The Shanthi Mandapam is superbly designed and beautifully hand painted. As you enter you can see the lotus designed stage where Sri Narayani Amma performs the daily pujas to the Narayani Vigraham. Beautiful statues of Lakshmi, Durga and Saraswathi adorn the walls both inside and outside.

Durga Matha Statue

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The most breathtaking statue of our beloved Mother Durga has been consecrated at the Sri Narayani Peedam. The statue stands 25 feet tall and is beautifully hand painted. Everyday Amma does puja to Goddess Durga.

Kamala Nivaas

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Kamala Nivaas (Lotus House) is in Malaikodi and is two minutes walk from the Peedam. This guest house is octagon shaped and is surrounded by beautiful gardens. Each room is designed to accommodate four people comfortably. It has hot and cold water, air conditioning and western style bathroom facilities. There is a large dining hall and kitchen. Delicious meals are prepared three times a day consisting of Eastern and Western cuisine for all the guests.


narayani amma

Today we all live in a materialistic world. Every individual is caught in the web of Materialism (Loukikam) pursuing and demanding more than what is required. Our devotion (Bhakti) is always related to the attainment of Material Pleasures and fullfillment of one’s personal needs. In the name of Bhakti, we do so many things due to ignorance and absence of wisdom (Gnana). To teach and infuse Wisdom through Materialism, Amma has launched the Sripuram – Spiritual Park. Like, when a mother gives her sick child a bitter pill coated with sweetness, two purposes are served. While the child is happy with the sweet taste, the Mother is satisfied that the child has taken the medicine required to cure the illness. In the same manner, Amma is taking us on the materialistic path to seek Spirituality and attain Wisdom. Sripuram will be the source of Strength and Energy to awaken spirituality and guide mankind on the righteous path. Sri means “Mahalakshmi” or “Sakthi” “Energy”, Puram means Place. Sripuram spreads over 60 acres of land planted with a large variety of trees, breathtaking Landscape, Fountains, Eco-pond, Cascade Pathways in the shape of the Sri Chakra, lined with Scriptures from various religions of the world. At the very centre of the Sri Chakra pathway stands a Majestic Temple. This spiritual path is meant to foster greater reverence towards other religions. This Sripuram – Spiritual Park is Amma’s dedication to the World and all of Mankind.

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