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Ganesha Moola Mantra - Saranathan THE GANAPATHI MOOLA MANTRA

Lord GaneshaGanesh is a Hindu god for all but in reality must be understood as function of godhood which removes obstacles in path of life in any venture. The Ganapathi Moola Mantra is the main mantra of Ganesh. He governs the Mooladhar or base chakra. Chanting of this mantra gives the following benefits: Peace of mind. Ganesh is the Om Swaroopa or the form of the universal power of Om and chanting of his mantra gives peace and balance within. He is the lord of earth energies and grants healing of bones and muscles. Abundance is his form and also knowledge in literature and writing. Those in trouble with finances must chant this mantra Base Chakra also controls anger and grounding. Chanting of Ganesh mantra helps to over anger and become more practical and grounded in life. One can translate into practicality all work from imagination Self confidence and vitality are also gift of this mantra Ganesh is the lord of Ganas or the military forces of Gods which consist of lower energies. Prayers to him grant protection from lower energies. Chanting of this mantra as a spiritual mantra leads to increase in spiritual levels and ultimately to self realisation

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